Internet Browsing Center / Computer Lab

College has an Internet Browsing Centre/ Reading room for students. The Centre is equipped with adequate furniture and twenty computers having access to the internet, which enables the students to view various Online e- resources as per their needs. There is a significant difference in the academic performance of students with Internet access and those without. 

The students are allowed to visit the browsing centre twice a week with a maximum duration of One hour per day under the supervision of staff. (However, with prior permission, they can use for longer period)

Rules for Browsing centre

Students are not allowed to: 

  • Change Desktop settings.

  • Play computer games.

  • Chat Online.

  • Students should report to the Supervisor if any problem occurs while browsing.

  • Students should not shut down the system after browsing.

  • Students should leave their belongings in the cupboard kept outside the centre.

Rules for Computer Lab

Students are prohibited to:

  • enter the lab unless authorized by the teacher.

  • Scan diskettes before using them.

  • Report all problems related to the system to the teacher.

  • Do not attempt to repair lab equipment.

  • Be responsible when using equipment, software, and facilities in the lab.

  • Do not move any equipment from its original position.

  • Do not remove or load any software into the computer.

  • Do not change the settings in the computer. 

  • Save all work in external storage device and not in the computer.

  • Do not bring in bags, food, and drink into the lab.

  • Turn off the computer accordingly after use.

  • Switch off all power supplies before leaving the lab.

  • Internet facility is strictly for educational purposes only.

  • All users should record the use of computer in the computer logbook.

  • The lab should be always kept clean and tidy.

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