About College

Government college for women, Bhagwati Nagar affiliated to University of Jammu was established in 2019 by higher education department, Government of J&K under the patronage of Jenab Talat Parvez Rohella, Commissioner Secretary, Higher Education department. GCW Bhagwati Nagar is the only women’s college in Jammu city, affiliated to Jammu University. Hence, the college aims to become Multidisciplinary and offer plethora of courses to cater to the needs of women folk of the area. The college spreads over 33 kanals of land. The main building of the college is under construction at Gole Gujral near DRDO Hospital. Before that the college was housed in the rooms of Girls Higher Secondary School Bakshi Nagar, Jammu. In the beginning only Bachelor of Commerce stream was offered to the students. The college at present imparts instructions in streams Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce.

The college has highly qualified and competent faculty. The prime target of the teaching faculty is to nurture talent and providing opportunities for all round development of women, keeping in mind the contemporary needs of the society, workplace and the environment. Faculty plays a lead role in capacity building of women students, preparing them for pioneering and creative role in the development of the nation.

College provides a platform to education seekers coming from varied backgrounds of the society majority from far –flung areas, a value-based learning with equal opportunities. In order to uplift the standard of students to enhance employability skills an initiative was executed in collaboration with TATA consultancy under CSR umbrella to train the students for job markets (mock interviews, aptitude, reasoning, mental ability, soft skills, communication skills).

This institute has created a benchmark of infusing in the young minds of the students a spirit of enquiring, accountability, and sincerity.


GCW Bhagwati Nagar craves to produce intellectually competent, morally upright and socially committed graduates with informed value judgements. The college aims at providing strong education foundation to inculcate value of problem solving and forward- thinking attitude for mastering future challenges by partnering with business, the government, and the community. The mission of the college is to sustain purposeful engagement with the world with an open mind and balanced perspective.


GCW Bhagwati Nagar dedicated to

    • Nurturing talent and providing opportunities for all round development of women, keeping in mind the contemporary needs of the society, workplace, and the environment. 

    • Evolve into a centre of excellence in women’s education through creative, transformative, and innovative practices.

    • Continually reaffirms and embraces its responsibility to build leadership in education of women.

    • Play a lead role in capacity building of its women students, preparing them for a pioneering and creative role in the development of the nation.

    • Flourish a different cultural milieu in an increasingly interconnected world.

    • Emerge as leaders charged with new ideas and capacity to make a difference.


The college recognizes the significance of integral and holistic education aligned with national goals that aim to bring transformative changes in the world of women’s education and empowerment.


    • To provide platform to education seekers coming from varied backgrounds of society majorly from far-flung areas, value- based learning with equal opportunities.

    • To uplift the standard of students to enhance employability skills.

    • To offer a stimulating active learning environment attracting young women with exceptional desire to make a difference to the world.

    • To provide skill-oriented training to meet the need of the industry, society, and environment.

    • To enable the students to create a niche for themselves in the specialized fields of commerce, Management, Humanities, and science.

    •  To deliver competencies for new domains of knowledge and the future of work in a globally connected world.

    • To inculcate a sense of civic responsibility, social commitment and moral accountability.

    • To have dedicated and responsive faculty of scholars to assist each student to fulfil aspirations and reach milestones.

    • To impart early mentoring for leadership instilling capacity to explore new ideas, take intellectual risk and usher paradigm change.



GCW Bhagwati Nagar, Jammu has upheld and will continue to uphold the highest levels of ethics and integrity in all its affairs. To this end, this Code of Ethical conduct serves:-(1) to emphasize the college’s commitment to ethical conduct and compliance with the law (2) to set forth basic standards of ethical and legal behaviour (3) to provide reporting mechanisms for known or suspected ethical or legal violations (4) to help prevent and detect wrongdoing.


1. The Principal is the academic and administrative head of the institute and works for the growth of the institute. He/ She will implement the policies approved by the highest decision-making body of the college. He/she shall achieve coordination among various statutory committees and non-statutory bodies. 

2.  He/she is authorized to nominate Coordinators, Convenor and other administration functionaries in the institution. 

3. To coordinate and motivate the faculty, administrative authorities and the supporting staff, so as to play their respective roles more effectively. 

4. Shall work for the common goal of providing effective technical education and guiding to enable the students to carve out promising career and lifelong learning. 

5. He/she is the spokesperson of the institution and shall take part in regional, national and international conventions in serving the cause of development of education in particular.  

6.  In matters of admissions, Coordinator admissions will assist the principal.

7.  In matters related to academic work, he/she will be assisted by the heads of the departments.

8. An integrated timetable of the entire institution shall be prepared and submitted to the principal. In this endeavour, convenor of timetables, along with the various heads of the departments extend support to the principal. 

9. Shall closely monitor the classwork as per the timetables.

10. Shall closely observe various academic activities like conduct of technical fests, conferences, seminars, workshops etc. 

11. Shall hold meetings of the heads of departments to review the progress of the academic work and suggest effective measures to achieve desired academic outcome. 

12. If necessary, shall instruct the heads of the departments to conduct remedial classes academically to support the slow learners.

13. In matters related to internal examinations, semester end examinations (both theory and practical), result analysis, detained candidates, Principal will be assisted by the Internal Assessment committee of the college. 

14. Principal shall also ensure quality assurance and he/she should be assisted by coordinator IQAC. 

15. Shall monitor, evaluate research, development and consultancy activities. He/she should advise faculty to get sponsored research projects from various funding agencies. 

16. The principal should promote industry-institute interaction for better employability of the students. 

17. Shall promote internal revenue generation activities with the help of staff and students. 

18. Arrange finishing school for the students with the active association of Convenor Placement and Counselling cell. 

19. Shall make efforts to look after the overall welfare of the staff and students. 

20. Principal shall forward monthly salary bills of all staff members of the college to the finance department for necessary action. 

21. The Principal shall countersign all kinds of scholarship bills in respect of the students of the college. 

22. Shall have powers to sanction the purchase of stationary, library books, periodicals, consumables for laboratories, workshops etc subject to the limit of powers delegated in respective areas and subject to the prescribed procedures, budget provisions under the respective heads of the budget. 

23. Shall countersign T.A bills. 

24. Shall have powers to sanction advances and final withdrawal of GPF of the staff.



1. Teachers should complete the syllabus in time and address to the academic needs of the students. 

2. Teachers should be good counsellors and facilitators. They should help, guide, encourage and assist the students to ensure that the Teaching-Learning Process is effective and successful. Value based education must be their motto. 

3. Teachers should carry out other academic, co-curricular and organizational activities that may be assigned to them from time to time. 

4. Teachers must report in time to duty as per the working hours prescribed and should be available in the campus unless and otherwise, they are assigned duties elsewhere. 

5. Prior written permission should be obtained for reporting late in the morning or leaving early in the evening without detriment to their duties. This is subject to restrictions as regards frequency. 

6. Staff members are encouraged to write text books, publish articles in reputed Journals and present papers in Seminars and Conferences.  

7. Staff members are also encouraged to take up Research projects and attend Faculty Development Programmes, Quality Improvement Programmes etc to update their knowledge. 

8. No teacher should involve himself/ herself in any act of moral turpitude on his / her part which may cause impairment or bring discredit to the institution. 

9. Tutor – Ward system must be effectively implemented. Teachers shall monitor the respective group of students who are attached to them. 

10. Teachers must be aware of their workload and work accordingly.

11. Work within the institutional policies and practices so as to satisfy the vision and mission of the college.  

12. Employ themselves honestly and efficiently under the headship of the principal.  

13. Perform his/her academic duties such as lectures, demonstrations, practical, conduct of examinations, evaluation and invigilation. In addition, they have to undertake responsibilities of administrative work, providing mentoring and counselling to students and participating in extra-curricular activities and institutional support activities as required.   

14. Must be punctual for classes and should adhere to the timings scheduled for other activities and events. 

15. Be impartial in the assessment of students. 

16. Shall deal impartially with students regardless of their religion, caste, economic, social and physical identity. 

17. Shall not engage in any political activity within the college campus. 

18. Observe the working hours according to the prescribed time table and any other additional duty assigned to them. 

19. Follow Mentor- mentee System, take proper care of their group of students by guiding, motivating, counselling and monitoring them. 

20. Shall not act in any manner that violates the decorum or morality within the campus. 

21. Refrain from undertaking any other employment and commitment including private tuitions and coaching classes which are likely to interfere with their professional responsibilities. 

22. Take leave as per rules with prior intimation, keeping in view their specific responsibility for completion of academic schedule. 

23. Respect the right and dignity of the student in expressing his/her opinion. 

24. Encourage students to achieve their goals, develop their traits and at the same time contribute to community wellbeing. 

25. Refrain from inciting students against other students, colleagues or administration. 


1. All Staff members should be punctual and disciplined towards their work. They should display the highest possible standards of professional behaviour.  

2. Every Staff member shall maintain the appropriate levels of confidentiality with respect to student and staff records and other sensitive matters.  

3. All Staff members must refrain from any form of harassment or unlawful discrimination relating to gender/sexuality/age/marital status in their behaviour towards their colleagues, teaching staff and students. 

4. Non-Teaching staff assigned to the laboratories should be responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the labs. 

5. The Staff has to carry out any work assigned with regard to examinations conducted by the college as directed by the principal. 

6. The Staff should take prior approval if he/she wants to avail leave. In case of sickness, a medical certificate should be produced. 

7. Any Loss or damage to any article in the Lab or Class Room should be reported to the HOD in writing immediately.

8.  Non-Teaching Staff, working in the Lab, shall maintain a stock register for all the articles, equipments, chemicals, etc. It shall be submitted to the HOD and the Principal at the end of each semester and their signatures obtained. 

9. Non-teaching staff will carry out their duties as instructed by the authorities to whom they are attached. 


 The Code of Conduct for Students is a guide for all members of the student community to a high standard of behaviour, both to protect the campus environment and to promote consideration and respect for individuals in support of the mission of the College. This document confirms that the College commits itself to the advancement of learning, personal development of the students and their training as responsible citizens. 

    1. Not at any time must a cell phone be used in class or during exams. Chatting via social media platforms and texting is not allowed during formal college hours. No inappropriate photos/videos should be ever taken or stored. Any such act can render a student liable to the following:  

• Confiscation of cell phone/ IPAD/ TABLET, Parent contacted, Warning or

• Possible suspension from the college.

 2. Students should not furnish any false information to any College official, faculty member, or office. 

 3. Forgery, alteration, or misuse of any College document, record, or instrument of identification is not allowed.  

4. Ragging or any conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person including physical abuse, threats, intimidation, and/or coercion whether verbal, written or otherwise is prohibited. 

5. Attempted or actual theft of and/or damage to property of the College, or property of a member of the College community, or other personal or public property, on or off campus is barred. 

6. Use or possession of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicating substances is banned. 

7. Participating in an on-campus or off-campus demonstration, riot or activity that significantly disrupts the normal operations of the College and/or unreasonably infringes on the rights of other members of the College community is prohibited. 

8. Cheating on exams and other acts of dishonesty in class that may violate or spoil the academic atmosphere is not allowed.

 9. To maintain the discipline the students must wear proper uniform in the college. 

10. False claims about representing the student’s presidium or any other student’s body in the college is not allowed. Any misappropriation of College funds is prohibited.

11. Students must maintain the highest standards of discipline and dignified manner of behaviour. They shall abide by the rules and regulations of the College and should act in a way that highlights the discipline and esteem of the College 

12. Students are expected to adhere to the timetable for attending lectures/tutorials/practical and other extracurricular activities.  

13. Students must carry their Identity card inside the campus. 

14. Use of Mobile phones during the lectures is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this will lead to disciplinary action.  

15.Students not attending classes for more than four consecutive days must inform the Principal/Teacher In charge in writing or else their names shall be struck off the rolls of the College. 

16.Students are expected to obtain clearance from the College before the University examination on the basis of their attendance record and participation in the activities of the college.  

17.Application for leave is to be made in advance and submitted to the principal. In case of illness, application for leave along with a medical certificate (Issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner) signed by a parent and counter signed by concerned teachers should be submitted within "one week" of re-joining the college.  

18.Students must help to keep the campus neat and clean.  

19. Students are expected to read notices/circulars displayed on the notice board.  

20. Spitting, smoking and throwing bits of paper in the premises should be avoided.  

21. Students should not misuse or make unauthorized use of the college premises or items of property on the campus.  

22. Students should not indulge in any kind of ragging or activities leading to harassment of any kind towards fellow students. 

 23. Students are required to earn the minimum attendance of 75% in each subject (theory/practical) to be eligible to appear in semester end examinations (Majors) and internal examinations (minors).