Vision & Mission.


GCW Bhagwati Nagar dedicated to

  • Nurturing talent and providing opportunities for all round development of women, keeping in mind the contemporary needs of the society, workplace, and the environment.

  • Evolve into a centre of excellence in women’s education through creative, transformative, and innovative practices.

  • Continually reaffirms and embraces its responsibility to build leadership in education of women.

  • Play a lead role in capacity building of its women students, preparing them for a pioneering 

  • and creative role in the development of the nation,

  • Flourish a different cultural milieu in an increasingly interconnected world.

  • Emerge as leaders charged with new ideas and capacity to make a difference.


GCW Bhagwati Nagar craves to produce intellectually competent, morally upright and socially committed graduates with informed value judgements. The college aims at providing strong education foundation to inculcate value of problem solving and forward- thinking attitude for mastering future challenges by partnering with business, the government, and the community. The mission of the college is to sustain purposeful engagement with the world with an open mind and balanced perspective.